Well, this is it.

I've decided to compact my universe.  I feel like I'm always starting projects (both on-line and In Real Life) that I don't finish.  I need to focus my energies and really accomplish something.  Therefore, I've decided to end my comic strip.  Actually, I'm not sure how many people were still reading it anyway.  I had become the "Bungee Cartoonist", going on hiatus and coming back several times.

I'm removing my exisiting strips because if I leave them up, there will be a strong temptation to draw again before I really have the time to commit to a full return; I've done that several times already, and I don't want to have to agonize over yet another hiatus.  I've left up some crossover strips so my departure doesn't create holes in Damonk's storyline--and his comic just keeps becoming more popular, so I'm certain there will always be a few people making their way through his archives at any time.  Besides, if I do return to the world of cartooning, I've still got my comics on my hard drive.

I'm not completely abandoning the on-line comic community, so I'm sure I'll still see some of you around.

Thank you for reading,

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